Have any game like Far Cry and IGI?

Have any game like Far Cry and IGI?
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  1. fary cry 2 is way better than the first, still though not much going on with that game, what is igi exactly?
  2. Try Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat.
  3. @Deathsagaxx
    IGI = http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/igi2covertstrike/index.html

    Fry Cry is just an FPS shooter, so look around and you'll find some really good ones (L4D series, Counter Strike Source, Team Fortress 2 etc...)
  4. Thanks Everybody.......But we have to consider my PC configuration....It is Intel dual core 2.7 GHZ, Ram 3GB, Built in AGP.....Half Life 1/2 will run?Or any other game have Like Far Cry or Project IGI, which will run smoothly in this Configuration?
  5. Thank you Oldmangamer.....But i already completed Far Cry 1 and Project IGI 1/2....But Far Cry2 is not running in this system configuration.....Have any more game like Far Cry,Project IGI, Half Life, which will run in my pc Configuration?
  6. with AGP you are very limited on the games you can play, do you know what video card do you have? You might be able to play Doom 3, the classic Medal of Honor series,
    XIII game, maybe Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Unreal 3.
    Post your video card and look at the shader model, memory...I am hoping you have something above a 6800 GT

    Oh yeah...Solder of Fortune, Black Hawk Down
  7. I would recommend to see if you can run any of the early Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty/Medal of Honor series. Half-Life 1 you might be able to run, don't know, if you like it there's 2 or 3 addons that continue the story.

    serious sam is a nice fps, but very Quakey in terms of point and shoot.

    I believe there was old delta force series (i'm not sure of the exact title) I remember a distinguishing feature in that game was that every time you fired you would see a straight line between your gun and point of impact.

    as far as tactical/military games, this one isn't an fps, but I've found it to be very realistic and open ended: Jagged Alliance 1/2/2.5
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