My PS3 downconverts my HD video when streaming

hi, i finally got my videos to stream from my pc to my ps3 but now when i play a 1080p video from my pc, the ps3 down converts its resolution, why is this happening and how can i fix it?
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  1. im using wmp 12 to stream btw
  2. How do you know it's downscaling?

    Is your PS3 set to play at 1080?
  3. its hooked up through hdmi. on 1080p resolution, and i know it downscales because when i push Triangle (for information) (my 1080p videos) become mpeg 2 encoded, and a resolution of around lower than 720 x 640
  4. Switch to PS3 Media server if you can. Also the program may be doing it because your connection can't sustain 1080p streaming.
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