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Hi guys. Me and one of my friends are trying to think of decent LAN games to play. He doesn't seem to want to try most of the obvious ones such as Diablo II, Warcraft 3, Counter Strike, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, Age of Empires 2/3. Mainly because he doesn't usually like more point and click RPG's, both of us prefer the more first person type ones such as Gothic 3, Oblivion etc. The other problem is that most LAN games arent that great with 2 people. We are trying to find a game where we can play and have some kind of goal to work toward instead of just coming on for a game then it's finished ie. C&C, AOE. Our favourite type of games are the more first person style RPG's and most Strategy games, preferably with more realistic graphics ie C&C Generals over Red Alert. Borderlands was pretty good, does anyone know anything else like that?

At the moment we are thinking Dawn of War 2, Red Alert 3 and Rainbow Six for the Coop campaigns.

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  1. Dawn of war 2 is great, especially retribution, and chaos rising, I played lan with my friends with hours and hours, but its still a heavy click type of game, brink would also be great, not too sure if its lan, but I dont see why it wouldn't be
  2. Splinter Cell Coop missions. I don't recall which ones are on pc, but those are great.
    yeah besides border lands nothing really comes to mind that fps coop and on pc. There's console games that fit that, but no ports to pc afaik. (gear of war)
    another is L4D, but that you don't really need LAN for.\

    this is another reason i think bioware is sucking, if they allowed coop in ME or DA that would add so much replayability to the games
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