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I recently upgraded my entire computer. It works very well except for one weird problem. When I boot it up after it being off a while, it sometimes seems to start, but I get no display. When I kill it and start it again, I get a long beep, still no display. If I kill it and start again, its fine. That seems to be the pattern. Any ideas?

TBird 1.2gig
Abit KT7A Raid
384meg PC133
Asus V7700 GF2 Deluxe
2 IBM 30gigs RAIDed
NEC FE950+ monitor
Pioneer 105s 16x DVD
Yamaha 2100e 16x CDRW

"Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
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  1. No experience with that board, but it kind of sounds like a power supply that is just barely powerful enough. What kind are you using and is it AMD approved?
  2. yeah check the power supply, it often happens wit ATX supplies.

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  3. not sure of the exact type. It is a 300W that came with my Inwin Q500 full tower.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
  4. That should be a powerman FSP250-60GTA with a 2.0A +5vSB which is BARELY enough to run your components.

    If it it does not indicate at least 2.0A on the +5vSB, you want to change it out anyway. Take a look at the thread in this section entitled: "How much power does it use?"

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