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I've seen a lot of talk about overclocking a BX to 133Mhz FSB. A frequently-mentioned drawback is that the AGP base frequency goes up to 89 Mhz, and not all graphics cards can do that. Here's what I'm wondering about: Several ASUS boards have a jumper/switch/whatever that allows a choice of AGP clock as either "2/3 FSB rate" or "FSB rate". What happens if this is set to "FSB rate", and the FSB is run at 133 Mhz? Isn't this the same as a AGP2X when the board is set for "AGP1X" in the BIOS, and the same as AGP4X if I select "AGP2X" in the BIOS?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't have any down-and-dirty AGP bus info.
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  1. No. AGP 2x runs at 66MHz, with DDR-type technology. The bus speed is an independant variable. The only reason backing off from 2x to 1x might help is that it could cause your garphics core to run a little cooler under the reduced load.

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