VGA to HDMI???

I'm trying to connect my monitor to my PS3, and my monitor only has a vga connector. The PS3 doesnt have a port to plug in a vga so if I got this adapter and plugged it into the hdmi input on my ps3 would it work?
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    NO IT WILL NOT. Please understand that the connector standard alone means nothing. Think from a signal perspective. The signal standard for one is digital and the other is analog. A cable alone may not transmit unless there is sampling and conversion going on. PS3 only OUTPUTS digital data and your monitor only takes ANALOG INPUT SIGNAL.

    This answers your question. Don't waste your money on some fake product. If the product says that it has an analog to digital converter, then it may work fine.
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  3. ty glad i didnt waste my money
  4. Wouldn't rely on hdmi-vga cables, but there are convertor boxes which u can use to output hdmi to vga. They look like something like
  5. Well of course that was the wrong way around. But quick google produced this one which looks more promising Actually HDMI -> VGA, which u need.

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