I need help remembering the name of this game...

I am trying to find a pc game I played a loooong time ago. You go through a haunted mansion, investigating and exploring. I remember there was an old guy as the narrator and helped you along the mansion. I think he's a famous horror movie man, like vincent price. Also, I remember during one part you are in the cellar, and have to spell out ghost with some wine bottles on a wine rack (they were lined up, bottoms out and each one had an invisble letter)
Please help me remember this game. I have tried googling this and just cannot come up with anything.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. oh and at the end, you find out the guy is really a ghost stuck in the mansion
  2. I finally found the game. It's ghosts ft Christopher lee. I just can't find a download for it.
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