I recently purchased an ASUS P3v4x motherboard and had problems installing the PCI network card.
BIOS would not detect it. The system ran flawlessly before I attempted the install, so I assumed
it was either a faulty card or OS problem. The only card installed was the AGP video. After
a period of narrowing down the possibilities I changed the VGA BIOS SEQUENCE from AGP/PCI to
PCI/AGP, which allowed for the card's detection. I assumed the original setting was correct for
AGP video and had no idea that it would block PCI detection.

Is this a glitch in AWARD's BIOS in general (assuming it is)or is it only found with certain versions of P3v'sBIOS?

I am still unclear (especially now!)as to the nature of this setting, could you help me out?
Any info. would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The initial display setting is really for two video cards. It allows the user to stipulate which card is loaded as default.
    As for the recognition of the NIC, chalk that up to happy errata. Do the video card and NIC share the same IRQ? I wonder if polling the PCI bus for a vid card gives the NIC an opportunity to make its presence known?

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