Apollo Pro 133A chipset/ Geforce 2 incompatible?

Is there a fix for this problem as of yet? I'm runnning Win2k, Tyan Tiger dual P3 733mhz,w/VIA Apollo Pro 133a chipset,AGP4X (2.0 compliant), 512mb pc133(major). Using Guillemot 3D Prophet II Ultra video card. Can't start Win2k in in AGP 4X mode. I tried manual settings for AGP like "CC" and "EA" , to no avail. It does run in 2x mode. Any help is much appreciated! Also, any suggestions on other P3 Dualies welcome! TIA -Lum
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  1. Can you dissable fast writes in the Bios? If not you may have to downgrade your bios to an earlier version. I have an Asus P3v4x. and i can finally run 4x with a value of ff and 4/way inter leave. There are 256 different values you just have to try them all.The values are in hex.

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