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Ok, I am a PS3 owner since 2008 (The same PS3 btw). I am now wanting to buy a Xbox 360 Slim because there are some games on that system that appeal to me greatly (ie: Gears of War, Halo: Reach, etc.). I have been scouring the net to get any and all information in regards to how hot this new system runs and whats the longest gaming session a person has had with these Slims. I normally play on the weekends any where from 8-12 hours on my PS3 and it really doesn't get warm. I am pretty much going to be doing the same amount of gaming time on the 360 Slim if/when I get it. I have been having a hard time finding any reports of people complaining of the Slims overheating. The only issue seems to be scratched discs as a result of moving the system while it is spinning the disc.
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  1. yeah,
    thats right, the Read rings off death on Xbox 360 is a thing of past.But incase you don't want to take any risk, you can install a fan for your Xbox360 and you'll be good to go.and moreover every Xbox has 2-3Years warranty with them so you can always replace the defective pieces. just go for it as Halo reach,gears of war 2( and 3 releasing in september of this years) are worth playing.
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