Asus A7M266 - Mutliplier via BIOS fix?

Since the BIOS of this board lists the multiplier (just not changable) is it likely there will be a BIOS update (or a hacked BIOS update) to add the ability to change multipliers with this board through the BIOS? I'm very pleased with the speed and responsiveness of this board, but I have an AXIA chip that is worthless for overclocking if I can't bump the speed up :( I know there is a soldering solution to this problem:
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But I don't like the idea of all that work that may also damage the board (and not sure if I'm capable)... Ideas?

BTW, this board has been very stable for me so far, but I have only been at 105 bus (odd - 1.3 GHz / 200 was set to default at 12.5x105 according to WCPUID). My board is revision 1.04 (1.03 was reviewed on Tom's) - not sure what was changed.

Also, has anyone tried the beta BIOS for this board (1004)? I may try it soon. It can be found here:
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--Kyle Yamnitz
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  1. You can always raise the bus speed on this board, it is known stable to at least 150MHz bus!

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  2. I would suggest getting your BIOSes from the Asus Germany web site versus anywhere else.

    1004.01d is available there at:

    Because TW mixes BIOSes all in together, and they don't maintain the site very well, I would avoid it.

    Germany however usually has the latest and greatest available.

    Just my two cents.
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