The KGB enjoy their job

I wonder if they confiscated the video footage?

Its now summer here, beer is flowing, women are in bikinis ... it is highly unlikely Australia would invade Russia.

Lucky for them ... lol.

Iv'e discussed our invasion strategy previously ... airdropping vast amounts of beer and nuts ... and waiting till the population is pissed ... then moving in.

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  1. i have no comment.

    P.S. I wish to fund your proposed plan. My buddy Bruce Wayne would be happy to be another beneficiary for the fight against the Birthday-Suit hatin' Ruskies.
  2. Big hi out there to our KGB friends ... please keep us off your hit list.

    We were trying to be funny !!
  3. I wouldn't stick my nose into Rusky politics on their home turf mate ... it will take them a few more years to get into the whole democratic society thing.

    If you want to protest about something go to France and do it ... nobody will bat an eyelid.

    Odds are on a juggler will setup next to you and two street carts selling hotdogs and drinks ... and maybe a guitarist.

    The French are just so civil ... unless you dress as a Gypsy.

  4. I don't know rey...If Putin still remains in power,( wherever he is magically placed,) democracy may not kick in for a while.
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