Linksys Wireless-G Vs Netgear WGT624

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Been looking through the posts but with no luck.

From looking at all the usual reviews through the web - these two seem
to come out the best ... (the Draytek is way out of the price range!)

- Linksys Wireless-G 54mbps Broadband Router
- NETGEAR WGT624 802.11g 108 Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Firewall Router

Now, CNET reviews posted on the newsgroup put the Netgear over the
LinkSys, but reading the other posts, many people say to stay away
from anything netgear !!!

Noticing that alot of the posts are reasonably old (and alot of them
note about firmware upgrades), which in your view is the best now? Or
is there something else in the price range which is now better?

One other thing, I need any indication on which has the best range,
and whether I can stick a repeater on either?

Thanks in advance,
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    If you'd like WallWatcher to report what the WGT624 can log, you can
    download the "Log Capture" utility program from the WW website , run it, and send me the captured RAW
    file. If it's feasible to add support, I'll let you know when
    something's ready for testing.
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    Thanks Lee, appreciate the info
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    I just purchased a Netgear WG311T wireless PCI adapter and installed it
    on my neighbours computer. It would have worked without a hitch had it
    not been for my mistake. In the end, it worked perfectly and I didn't
    even to set anything up. It just automatically detected my wireless
    network and connected.

    I have a Linksys wireless router that is connected to my wired network.
    The setup was simple (install the software first) and at first it
    didn't detect the hardware because when I screwed in the board, it came
    partway out of the slot in the motherboard. After scratching my head,
    I reopened the case and pushed down on the board and saw that it wasn't
    seated properly so I just left the screw out and made sure the board
    was seated.

    When I turned on the computer the little tray icon appeared just as the
    manual said it would. I was already connected without any
    configuration at all. Unfortunately, the Linksys wireless router only
    allows 54 Mbps so I doesn't take advantage of the Netgear's 108 Mbps
    capability. In any case, the signal strength was at 65-75% but the
    speed was only 11 Mbps. Since my neighbour is only accessing the
    internet, I figured the 11 Mpbs is adequate for surfing.

    I do have cordless phones and I still need to check if they are in the
    2.4 GHz range (this may explain the low speed). Also the signal
    travels from my home office through two stucco walls to the other side
    of my neighbours house, approximately 40' away so I was pretty happy
    with a 65-75% signal.

    The wireless router is my roommates and he'll be moving out in a couple
    of months. The IT guys at work like the Netgear stuff. I installed a
    Netgear switch at the network backboard under the sidewalk and it got
    drenched in rainwater twice. I mean water poring into the data jacks.
    Each time after drying out the switch for 24 h it worked perfectly
    again. I figure, I'll upgrade the wireless router to a Netgear model
    when my roommate leaves.

    In summary, I'm very happy with the Netgear PCI adapter. I'll probably
    buy a Netgear PCI card for my laptop next (if I ever get around to
    replacing the defunct battery).

    On a funnier note, my new tenant downstairs connected her modem with a
    phone line to the data jack and wondered why she didn't have a network
    connection. Partly my fault, I should have at least given her a patch
    cord but god knows where she would have stuck that.

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