Crysis 2 & Eyefinity, low frame rates, whats wrong?

So... I just buuilt a new rig last week and im having some issues getting decent frame rates in Crysis 2.

I'm using eyefinity, 5760x1080, so I wasnt expecting anything blistering but 10-15 fps cant be right... can it?

Asus p8p67 Pro, Intel i700k, 2x 6970 xfire, 8GB GSkill 1600MHz

What sort of FR's should I be expecting?

Are there any tricks to get thing working better...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. depends on how well your gfx scales... i think you should average 48+fps hopefully it wont drop below 40 in the caves where its known to be a card killer.
  2. I've rolled back the drivers and have seen some improvement, 20-25 avg. Thats on a single card (6970). See some people posting far larger numbers and im confused as this is a brand new rig...

    Is there anything else I can do?
  3. switch to a single monitor and run with both cards. see what happens.
    also you may want to download the ccc application profiler you can get the win 64 bit version here. if you have a different o.s. yous hunt it from here.
    also make sure your eyefinity is up to date
  4. Crysis 2 does have a some problems with CF on. have you tried patching the game ? Some new patches have been released, I believe.
    If still, the problem occurs, try disabling CF.
  5. if you have AA on, try disabling it
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