Using a Xbox 360 with a PC Monitor

Hey Gang,

I have an Xbox 360, this monitor and I want to use them together. I've been told All I need to buy is a DVI cable which fits the 360 and connect that to the console and my monitor, one problem is that my monitor does not have internal speakers. My sound comes from external speakers plugged into my rear I/O ports. I'm wondering if there was anyway to get those speakers to work the with the Xbox 36?
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  1. well, 10 years ago I would strongly advise against doing something like this. Today it might be a good choice...

    anyways, depending on what you get the dvi adapter for, you might be able to plug in the audio av cables into speakers. I don't know if xbox outputs to all available ports at once. Basically see if you can use component to speakers audio set up and DVI for video transmission. I don't know if it'll work if they feed off different output modes.

    I mean if you use HDMI to DVI, then DVI adapter will have to have the cables separately for sound data, otherwise that just outright signal loss and if xbox cannot output to several modes at the same time you are out of luck.
  2. Just managed to find the model my speakers are.

    I appreciate the replies so far but Hairystuff you post confuses me a little, exactly which of those cables will I need? Is the first link only for the audio? It appears to be HDMI to the Composite type port on the back of the Xbox and as far as I'm aware my monitor only has DVI/D-Sub.
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