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I'm having trouble getting Half-life 2 to play. I just recently purchased a new computer. Today I got my old Half-Life 2 box out and installed it using my original disks and my cd key. It says it was installed but when I go to activate it steam doesn't recognize that it's installed, I get the message:

"Installation of half life 2 Retail Standard is required before continuing.

Please insert your Half Life 2 Retail Standard CD/DVD into the drive and select "Install" from the autorun menu."

The problem is half-life 2 is already installed. When I put in the disk it asks me to play half-life 2, If I click that nothing happens. The cd key and the disks are original and all legit. Could the problem be windows 7 64bit? I was thinking maybe windows just wasn't telling steam that HL2 is installed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling steam to no avail. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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  1. Tried re-installing the game ?
  2. have you registered your copy through steam? If so can download/install the game instead of going through the disk?
    Might be easier that trying to troubleshoot this problem.
  3. I tried reinstalling the game a few times but still didn't work. Where can I register my copy with steam and download the game files? I looked on the website and couldn't find anything like that.
  4. Do you have a steam account?
    If so you should be able to do this on client install of steam...not the webpage.
    I am not on my home PC so I can't tell you exactly where.
  5. from the steam client at the bottom left hand corner there is a but that says 'ADD A GAME'. This opens another menu where you select "Activate a Product on Steam"
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