Micro sd card trouble

I recently tried to copy some files to my micro sd card but was getting a message saying the disk was write protected. I have copied many files onto it and never received that message. Besides there is no switch on it to turn on/off.

I have been getting a message for some time before that saying some of the files may be corrupt and was asked to format the disk but I kept refusing because I dont want to lose my games data.

Another weird thing that happened was on a different computer it said "disk 2 write protected". Then I removed it and put it in the same slot again and it said disk 3. I did this a few times and it kept changing the number.

Hopefully you can resolve this issue

The card is a japanese kingston 2gb and came with a t-flash high speed usb stick. it was fine when I first used it.
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  1. 1. hardware damage, those mini sds are tiny, chances are over the years you might have damaged the internals
    2. also make sure you have enough space on the flash card when you're copying new stuff in. run check disk so it marks any bad sectors.

    with this type of hardware where you have to fumble with a tiny piece of plastic, eventually that tiny plastic that has very high precision chips inside gets deformed and that deformation causes the flash memory to fail.

    if check disk + defragment don't help, I'd look into getting a replacement.
  2. If its copy protected, then you can't copy it no matter what.
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