Display Port to DVI Adapter - does this cause a bad bottleneck of lag?

Just wondering if a Display Port to DVI Adapter would cause allot of lag in online games? The monitor is a bit old... its flat.. but not anything special.

My ping is usually 15 and yet still every now and then the computer freezes briefly.. and for instance in a FPS I would now be facing to the left or to the right of where I previously was facing before the freeze. Its super annoying.
The MB is an XFX 780i , with XFX 9800GT card. 4 gigs of SLi ready memory ( not enabled)... dual core intel 2.09.
Cable modem. The server where the game is hosted, I could literally drive to and play on.

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  1. no. the problem is your cpu is slow.
  2. Actually I quoted the wrong speed, its a Intel Dual Core 2.94. GPU is XFX 9800GT.
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    your dvi lead has nothing to do with the overall system performance. if is just a cable and has no impact at all on performance

    use fraps and see if your getting big fps drops, if so turn down the settings.

    if your playing on a 1080p monitor turn the screen rez down to 1600/900 or 1050
    see if that stablizes your frame rate.

    if not try game booster it will turn off any unneeded backround tasks.

    if you have an antivirus that has a game mode use it, this will stop the av from scanning every file as its used.

    make sure your net is stable. make sure your packet data is not getting lost.
    all these things can cause games to lag.
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