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I´ve got a friend who has a dell optiplex workstation, dual capable. He currently has one pII 400 (sl2s7) adn asked me to help him upgrade to dual. How true is it that i need an exact asame processor, can I use another pII 400, but more recent? Also, do I need to reinstall nt to take advantage of the second processor.

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  1. Not sure about the the cpu...Updating NT4 for dual can be a pain in @$$ go to microsoft's website search the kb articles you will find out there.

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  2. well, you do need similar processors, of the same frequency and same stepping to work together. you might buy two newer processors in exchange for the current one, but be sure both have same frequency and stepping.

    you wont need to reinstall windows nt, it will automatically detect the new hardware and run a routine or two to update its profile and might reboot once. thats all.


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  3. There's an article in this months Windows 2000 magazine on how to switch between uni and multi processors on both NT4 and Win2000. Explains things pretty well.
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