Why/how do i get my 360 to my surround???????

I have a surround system with 3 connections,1 for dvd,1 for aux and 1 for gaming.They are all two socket(1 red and 1 white)obviously dvd is in my dvd,i have the aux in my digital sat box as thats where my tv is from but i cannot get my xbox to connect as it has no red/white socket.1st i thought if i put aux in my t.v everything wud work....hmmm,i thought wrong!1 end is 3 socket(t.v)and other 2 socket(surround)so that went down the pan.i have tried all i can think of.any suggestions,no matter how vague much appreciated,its maybe sumthin simple im doing wrong but is drivin me crazy!!thanks :bounce:
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  1. There is an A/V Optical Adapter available for those systems with only an HDMI. It's basically a little dongle that includes the missing optical output that was on the HD component cables, as well as the traditional red/white plugs.

    Microsoft no longer sells this directly from them, but you can find some used ones on Amazon, else MadCatz makes their 3rd party version.
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