Can i acces a movie playing on my p.c on my xbox?

If i have a movie playing on p.c,can i access it on my xbox.i know i can access my p.c for media i have stored via my modem but wud be keen 2 know how,so i can watch movies on my t.v without MORE miles of wires all over place,thamnx :o
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  1. If the movie is stored on your computer and you can access media files on your PC with your Xbox, then I think you've answered your own question :D

    Seriously, though, what media are you trying to play? If it's a DVD, what's stopping you from just playing it out of your Xbox? If it's a blu-ray, then why didn't you get a PS3 XD
  2. if its a xbox360 or ps3, just start windows media player, right click the title bar, click tools, then select the library tab, click configure sharing..., then tick the Share my Media box. then configure the monitor folders option to customise sharing.
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