Slow respons after copying files

Computer Setup

- MSI K7T Turbo Mainboard with KT133A Chipset
- Athlon C 1,2 Ghz, 133 Mhz FSB
- 2*128 MB 133 Mhz SDRAM
- Hercules 3D Prophet II MX 32MB
- SB Live Value
- Adaptec AHA-2920C SCSI-Controller
- Maxtor Diamond MAX 7200 RPM ATA100 HD 20 GB
- WD Caviar 6,4 GB ATA66 5400 RPM

My system runs fine except one little thing.

After copying around 7800 files from one hard disk to another
or from one hard disk to the same hard disk or any combination, the system becomes very slow.
It doesn't hang or crash it just gets really slow.
I can shutdown or restart windows but it can take a while.
After reboot everything works fine.
I installed Tribes 2 and played it already for hours.
Not once did my machine crash. But when I copy the files ............... problems....

I tried different things. Installed the VIA 4-in-1 drivers.
Different versions. I removed memory ..........
I removed the IDE-drivers. Ran with standard IDE drivers and still the same problem.
I slowed the hard disks down ......
I flashed the BIOS to an older version and a newer one.

One more thing.
When I copy these files while windows is running in safe mode the problem doesn't occur.
So I think it has to be a driver problem somewhere. But I don't know where.....

Can anybody help ?????????

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  1. there might be some problem with the disk driver that allocated memory for the buffers and doesnt give it back to the system.

    did you see some reduction in System Resources after copying? compare the two values as seen in My Computer->Properties->Performance

    if there is... there is a serious memory leakage problem, with windows itself.

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  2. I checked this out and the system resources go down with 1% and then go back to their original value.

    One other thing. I installed ramboost and I noticed that after copying the files the cpu-usage stays at 100%.
    After doing an end-task of explorer.exe everything works normal again.
  3. remove all third party, especially system utilities. it seems there is something going on between windows and ramboost with the memory. disable ramboost let windows alone manage its memory and try it.


    <font color=blue>die-hard fans don't have heat-sinks!</font color=blue>
  4. The problem is not with RAMBOOST. I have had the problem from the start. Even with a fresh installation of Win98SE and without ramboost.

    I just installed ramboost to check something out.
  5. i have the same problem but i thought it was system restore. If you say 98...
    sometimes i also got crashes after deleting (shift deleting) like 2000 files.

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