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This is the same old repetitive rant followed by a question, please bear with me :)

I was comprehensively beaten by some lame dude in the game of FIFA 11 on PS3 because for years I played FIFA on PC. I then went and bought XBOX controller and practiced a lot to become better at it. I can say that the controller does give me an edge over keyboard and I am now using it naturally for FIFA.

I went and bought a PS3 (my first console) and Metal Gear Solid 4. It came with a dual shock 3 six axis controller and oh boy I am so annoyed! The controller is just not the solution to play action games, is it? I can't believe Sony didn't give a mouse support to their console and came up with an expensive "PlayPad" accessory of some kind.

No matter how much I will practice, I already know this is not possible, it's just NOT the way action games are supposed to be played. Also, the dualshock controller is not ergonomic at all, and way too small and oddly shaped. The only benefit then I see about PS3, heck any console is the non FPS exclusives, and say, NetFlix?

Anyone who came to consoles from PC FPS gaming and gotten really good at it? If yes, any particular accessory they use or just practice? (FragFX?)
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  1. I think some of what you say is quite subjective.

    I agree that action games play much better on a keyboard and mouse (or logitech G13 gameboard being my personal favourite.) However I disagree that the PS3 controller is less ergonomic than the XB controller - I frankly find the opposite to be true :)

    I disagree that controllers are harder. I come from the opposite upbringing to you - whereas you've become accustomed to a PC keyboard and mouse and then moved to console style controllers, I've been brought up on consoles and then moved to PC, hankering after that graphical 'power' that consoles comparatively lack.

    I still find the keyboard awkward in FPS games, (despite preferring it for RPG/MMO) which is partly why I bought the G13.

    I don't use my G13 all the time, but I find it great. It's like a mix between my console heritage (with the thumbstick for movement) and PC precision (mouse for aiming, keyboard info panel, lighting, style, keys.)

    I love it a lot, even though it's not universally liked. That said, I am trying to become more PC mainstream and train myself to use the standard keboards, simply as I prefer RPGs like Oblivion/Skyrim and MMOs like WoW and ToR to FPS games.

    Check out the Logitech G13, or it's cousins the Belkin Nostromo/Saitek Command Unit which are similar if you're still having problems.
  2. My whole rant is about mouse, and just the mouse. It's the natural acceleration of swiping the mouse on a 2-D plane that intuitively moves the FPS character in 3-D world that just can't be achieved by anything else. I have read a lot of reviews where people just fell in love with what they were missing on when they moved to PC FPS gaming.

    That said, using keyboard + mouse setup for anything else just does not feel natural. Examples - racing, simulation, sports, strategy. It's just the FPS, and it's just the tremendous advantage and joy in using the mouse. I don't care about the keyboard part, honestly.

    For you, using the keyboard of course would feel awkward. But if you strictly compare FPS games experience, you'll agree how satisfying it is to use a more intuitive mouse to control your looking-around. It's highly incomplete on console unless mouse is supported.
  3. I started on PC's and to this day, still prefer PC games. All the DRM and console ports is what drove me to get consoles. Unfortunately, it just took me a lot of practice to get good at FPS games. I do prefer the PS3 dualshock to the XB controller though, but this is purely a matter of personal preference.

    Single player campaigns aren't as bad since auto aim is on by default on most of these games. I got pwned quite often when I first started out on multiplayer on a console.
  4. I think it could be a software issue, whenever I play Fifa I always wonder if the joypad is working anyway! The players run and react like the field is covered in treacle. Terrible game.
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