How can I find out what motherboard I have???

Hi there everyone. I have a DELL Dimension XPS B1000r which I have had problems with ever since I got it. In the process of trying to fix what ever may be wrong with my system I have been trying to get information from dell on exactly who the manufacturer's are for the various componenets, however getting this information from them has proven very difficult. I was finally able to find out that my mother board is an intel 82820, but I was told that they did not have any idea who the manufacturer is... is there any way I find this information out myself?

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  1. You can check on this
  2. BTW - 82820 refers to the MCH (Memory Controller Hub) on the 820 chipset. Most likely it is an Intel VC820 MB. See the following link to a usenet article on

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  3. Try Sandra - it just might work.

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  4. go to and get ctbios utility. it will tell you all the details about the motherboard.

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