ok so my c drive is dodgy (clicking n freezing for minute or 2) ive backed up but i was wondering when i install win7 i dnt have to download drivers(exept graphics mouse and) all others are auto installed by windows i guess but what i wanted to know was if i installed on my othercomputer so icould keep this running untill i had everything setup on my new hdd it would probs auto install drivers for that one so if i then put that hdd into this computer would it auto install drivers for this or would i come across problems? because i really dnt want to not be able to use this as im a online gamer and practice for hours everyday.
thnx in advcance for ur help.
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  1. johnstoned - you type like your stoned.... lol
    first, what are the specs for your unit in question.?
  2. haha i was never good at english at school msn n fb n txt msg's have just made it worse with all the lol's and stuff :D erm asrock 4core 1333_glan mobo 2gb ddr2 q6600 cpu 9800gt gpu.
  3. Install windows on the machine you want it to run on... not some other machine.
  4. well yea thats what i normally do but it takes me days to get everything sorted for everyday use which is why i posted this to see if theres a way round me spending stupid amounts of time doing that n reinstalling everything and sorting all my settings
  5. ok so how do back up images work? if i made a back up image of my c drive to another hdd would i just remove c drive put other drive in and hey presto like nothing ever happened?
  6. That would only work if it's the same exact system. Make a backup after it's all sorted out.
  7. yea it will be except obv will be a diff hard drive il get a new hdd and make image of my c drive then il just get rid of the c drive whats clicking im still gunna back anything important up on my external hdd incase it cant coppy the image because of the dodgy hdd and making a back up after its sorted :S that means i would have reinstalled the os and installed everything seperately on a new hdd which if u read my above posts i clearly dont want to do i want to make it quick and easy and fuss free
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