Would this be a decent gaming PC?

Hello! I was wondering if I took an HP Pavilion p6710f Desktop PC: http://www.staples.com/HP-Pavilion-p6710f-Desktop-PC/product_918389?cmArea=class_box1
Added a 500-650 watt PSU, 8gb or RAM and a new graphics card, probably a HIS H685F1GD Radeon HD 6850 Video Card:
Would I have myself a nice little gaming PC? Maybe by the end of summer upgrade to a six core processor or something.
I mainly play Half life 2 games, gears of war, A little Crysis, Team Fortress etc. nothing extreme.
I was just wonder if I could pass this by as an alright system to game with?
Thank you!
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  1. yup its a good system, although why not build it yourself, it will cost less
  2. Yeah why buy a branded desktop were in fact building one out of selected components and brand is more reliable and less expensive plus you get good performance than branded ones.
  3. you better get a more powerful PSU about 650, 750 watts should be good
  4. How much cheaper would it be? if its a significant ammount cheaper I tihnk I might do that so I can jump ahead of the game and get myself a six core processor & maybe an SSD when they get cheaper
  5. Also, If I buy components in bundles is it a little cheaper, in example a CPU/MOBO bundle?
  6. usually
  7. Yes go to newegg.com they got just about every deal combination you can think of CPU + RAM GPU + Motherboard PSU + CASE you name it
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  9. Hmmm interesting... Alot of people could save alot of money by building a new one if they learned how too. Computers sure are a tricky business. Well thanks for the help I think I'll look into building my own!
  10. build yourself a good pc..but first tell your budget and u could be having a gaming workhorse with enough gaming grunt for you.also prebuilt systems have lower quality motherboards withs less capacitors to blow heat..they are made just to be enough to let your system be running...go for an assembelled rig and thats gonna last you quite long...the rig given by mouse24 is quite nice but first tell your budget and we can give you a great machine for that price..
  11. My budget is about 600$ id like to go lower but if I have to go a tad higher than so be it
  12. so for that,you can get basically quite a decent rig:
    cpu:athlon ii x4 640-$90
    mobo:asrock 890gc extreme3-$120
    ram:any 4gig decent ddr3 from a good manufacturer-40$
    psu:what mouse24 suggested,that is decent even for cfx ;) -65$
    case:nzxt gamma-30$(very good case,dont get carried away wid the price)
    gfx card:what mouse24 suggested,is fine-160$
    hdd:wd caviar green 500gb sata-30$

    totals up to 535$,now get a decent gaming kb and mouse or oem win7 for 70$..

    you can get the other one not selected any time after you have some cash.

    totals up to 605$ so ur not going over the top as in case of mouse24 rig and getting a very good mid-high end mobo ;)..

    I am not saying mouse' rig is not good but with this one,u got it cheaper.

  13. u online?
    well the OP can even go for the msi890gxm-g65 as it is am3+ bulldozer cpu ready with a bios update so it is a bit more futureproof..
    @mouse-yeah I know that but u also have suggested a very good rig
  14. i think msi 890gxm-g65 is the best go for it OP
  15. I would build a computer. Do not throw your money away for a branded computer. It is pretty easy. You have videos and all of that. You can take it step by step and probably save you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  16. Thanks for the help everyone, this thread is kinda dead but I've got my new rig up and running and I'm lovin' it!
  17. I got a ASUS evo motherboard, AMD 1100t 6x 3.30 processor, 4DB of DDR3 RAM, 9600 GSO Nvidia GPU ( I plan to upgrade within the month) and a 1TB HDD. Works great! Also I got a NZXT Case. Run flawlessly, Graphics card bottle necks some games but its no huge problem. Thanks everyone!
  18. Thanks so much! I was thinking the new HIS Radeon HD 6870 IceQ X for an upgrade but im not 100% certain yet.
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