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I want to play the original Witcher again, never really completed it the first time. The game itself runs fine but i would like to apply the Enhanced Edition 1.4 patch to my standard game. The problem is it wants me to register. Every time i try to register it says "a connection to the server could not be established". I assume that the registration servers are no longer online. Anyone know a way to do this without having to register. And before you ask, yes i do own the official game, its not pirated. Im also not willing to go and buy the enhanced edition when i already own the game. I have searched around but cant find any answers. Im running win7 64-bit, tried running in xp compatability mode just incase that was an issue, still no good.
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  1. It might be something simple; have you tried checking if the patch executable is on the Win firewall exceptions list? Also, right-click it, hit "Run as administrator".
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    Hmm... Also, on the forums people are saying the reg servers are down at the moment. If that's true, obviously you can't do anything about it until they're back online. Only way to play then would be to crack the game. DRM, eh? Half the time it's the REASON for piracy.
  3. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to crack the game.
  4. I dont want to download a cracked version. if i know the reg servers will come back online then ill just wait till that happens... yes i have ran as admin and disabled firewall, ran in xp compatability mode etc. even patched it to the latest i could - ver 1.3 - but still no go to 1.4. I'll just have to wait till the registration servers are back up.....if they ever will be.
  5. Tough luck friend...
  6. looks like the registration servers are back up......kind of. I am able to register it but it said it was going to send an activation link to my email address, which never happened. It also sends me to a dead link. Still cant install enhanced edition :(
  7. < finally

    "June 2, 2011, 11:02 p.m.

    Studio CD Projekt RED is happy to announce that version of the patch 1.4 without registration requirement is available for download. Owners of premiere edition of The Witcher, which had a problem with installing Enhanced Edition because of registration process during patching, can download new version of patch 1.4 from this site."

    downloading right now, will see if it works, looks like the same file to me that i downloaded previously.
  8. Ok so after some stuffing round its all working. You have to download the language pack and the enhanced edition upgrade and copy them into their own folder, then run the patch. Its now all working, no registration is now required. Thanks for all the suggestions. Hope this thread help some others out with the same issue.
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