Quake II Ground Zero Not Working

I just installed the Ground Zero mission pack for Quake II and I have two problems. The first of which is a huge problem where when I launch Quake II, it shows the video and works fine until I try to do anything from the menu screen, including starting a new game, at which point it just quits without telling me what is wrong. It does this for every single option and I really can't do anything that works. The other issue is a bit more of a minor problem where sometimes I'll start it up and all of the colors will be weird yellows and greens and pinks, but I think this is just a problem with the software renderer, but of course I have no way of knowing because I can't get to the video options. If someone could help me with this that would be great because its really frustrating having it there, nagging me to play it, but not being able to.
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  1. Do you experience this same problem with any other games. And since you have weird yellow and other colors appearing on the scree, chance maybe, that its the problem with the video card.

    Also, have you tried re-installing the game ?
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