Hi all!
I am thinking of buying a new CPU for my system but I´m not sure if my mainboard will be abel to handle a faster CPU. The mainboard is a AX6BC part no 91.87810.451 from AOpen. It says on AOpens website that the board should be abel to handel a PIII Coppermine but it´s recommended that the board has one of a certain number of lot numbers. The number on my mainboard is L1 (55.87801.261JNL1) and that is not one of the numbers as far as I can see.
Does anyone know how important this lot number is or has someone had any experiences with coppermines on this mainboard? I will be grateful for any kind of help I can get.

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  1. I'm running a PIII 500E in mine and it works fine. I don't know anything about the lot number on it or what version it is though so can't help you there.
  2. Does anyone know anything about lot numbers?
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