MSI K7 Master + 3com 905c (Help needed)

I'll just get right down to it.

The Specs:
T-Bird 1333 AXIA @ 1333 (currently for troubleshooting)
MSI K7 Master BIOS rev 1.0 (Not Master-S although the BIOS has an option for onboard SCSI enable/disable)
512 MB Micron PC2100 DDR CL2.5
3Com 905c NIC
Hercules Game Theater XP sound
HDD 1 - IBM 60GXP @ 60 GB
HDD 2 - IBM 75GXP @ 45 GB
ASUS GeForce 2 GTS 32 MB
OS Win98 SE + DX8 + VIA 4-1 4.29 + AMD AGP 4.8 + Det 6.5

The Problem at it's core:
With the 3com905c in, the box will not run w/ ACPI. It will post and do the ram/ide detection, but the boxed screen where it displays components locks. While I suppose where I am (in the resolution) at this point, isn't really that big a deal, it simply isn't as clean as I'd like it. I'm afraid only a BIOS update will do it but who knows.

Where I am now:
Clean Device Manger w/ APM + Load Power Profile going from 98. However, It was like this a few days ago, turned the box off for the night (which I normally do not do) and when I started up the following morning, the IRQ's were scrambled from where they were and it started acting crazy again (read: crashing in quake).

1. Removing NIC will resolve the issue. Comp boots fine in ACPI everything is happy.
2. The NIC has been moved to 3 different PCI slots with the same effect.
3. If remove the NIC and the Sound, reboot, set to ACPI then shutdown and install both cards the comp will boot to Windows on ACPI and everything is happy. If I do this with just the NIC it doesn't work.

The Strange Part: Pull cards, format HDD. Set to ACPI. Plug in cards, boot up install windows and all the drivers. Everything is happy. When I install the cable modem stuff (at&t roadrunner) it immediatly goes downhill. Will not boot until I set it to APM.

Well I think i've been long winded enough for my first post. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to take a crack at this. I'm sure I left a few details out so if anyone needs further clarification please ask.

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  1. Congratulations! This is the NUMBER ! reason I got rid of my last AMD system-the VIA chipset did not like my 905C card! There were actually many problems with it, but this was number 1. Now, you can try solving it by setting your bios to configure PNP devices instead of the OS. The setting will read "PNP OS-NO" or something like that.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  2. Well I fixed it, and it was so damn simple I'm ashamed heh. All I had to do was disable fast boot (where it skips the memory tests etc.)

    One more issue to go and I'm set, anyone have any idea why D3D will perform very sluggishly or crash while OpenGL is smooth and perfectly stable? It's the same vid card from my last system and I used the same drivers etc. GF2 + Det 6.50 + DX 8. Thanks again.
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