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Hello everyone,

I have been reading these forums religiously for some time and am about to buy a new tv this memorial day weekend. Somewhere around 50 inches, but my main concern is maximizing my computer's potential as that will be the sole input. I will not detail this gaming rig, but I need a tv with low input lag, no ghosting, and the best pq. My price cap is around 2000 dollars. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. Even after all my research, I still haven't decided between lcd and plasma.
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  1. Plasmas tend to have burn-in issues but produce deeper blacks than lcds. LED based LCDs provide the brightest colors but often struggle with darker images, and are more expensive than plasma and regular LCD. Anything with a refresh rate of 120Hz should eliminate any noticeable lag or ghosting.
  2. Chieftexas said:
    Plasmas tend to have burn-in issues

    Any decent plasma made in the last 3 years will have almost no chance of burn in, so don't make that a deciding factor. But if your budget is $2000 and you will only be using it for PC gaming, I would look at nice 30" gaming monitor, as it will have better gaming performance than a 50" TV. How far from the TV will you be sitting? For $2000 you could get 3 monitors 23-4" and actually see more game than a 50" TV, and you would have $$ left over to spend on your rig.
  3. Chieftexas said:
    Anything with a refresh rate of 120Hz should eliminate any noticeable lag or ghosting.

    If you are referring to LCD HDTVs, then you are incorrect. 120Hz and 240Hz HDTVs will cause input lag.

    All HDTVs only accepts 50Hz or 60Hz input. The output may be 100/120Hz or 200/240Hz, but that is done by the HDTV inserting interpolated frames. Basically this means a 120 HDTV will receive up 60 frames per second from the video card. The HDTV then creates an intermediate frame between every two actual frame, thus up to 120 frames per second can be displayed on the HDTV. The creation of these interpolated frame takes time and will cause input lag. Therefore, when playing games the HDTV should be set to 60Hz mode.

    120Hz PC monitors are different, they have a 120Hz connection and display at 120Hz.
  4. First, determine how far from the tv you will be sitting. you dont want anything bigger than a 32 incha if u sit as close as you would normally sit to a monitor.
    As far as i see it you have 2 options:
    1. Wait for 3d hd tvs that will accept 1080p/60Hz input (none yet as far as i know, mayb the mistubishi dlps?).
    2. Get a LED-Lcd with size best suited to the distance you are sitting from, then rest dump it in a good mix of response time, contrast ratio (STATIC) and higest TRUE Hz.
    If you cant get True Hz, make sure that there is a "mode" to watch only on 50/60Hz.

    About the size, i cant stress this enought, if u get a 50 inch plasma and sit in 50 cm from it, you will hate it in a week, as you will be so tired and have such headaches u will wish u never bought it.
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