Error when attempting to create a new folder

I'm a Windows 7 32-bit user.
Today,I booted up my PC,and the first thing I did was to create a new folder to save stuff in.However,when I tried to give a name to the folder,an error message came up,saying

"An unexpected error prevents you from renaming this folder...
If you keep encountering this error,use the code to get help.

Now,what should I do?

Begging for help!
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  1. Where did you create the folder and what did you try to name it? Does this happen with any folder you try to create? Have you tried creating another new one and naming it something else?
  2. It only happens with the first file creation.Doesn't occur everytime neither,it seems.After the error with the first file,I can create and name the files the way I want.I created them on desktop =/
  3. If everyting else is running fine, notch it up to Windows quirk. Maybe you tried to rename it too fast before Windows could fully create the folder.
  4. Do you try to create the folder before Windows is fully booted up?
  5. Ah,I'm not sure...Can you even do an action before the system is fully booted up?
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