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Can you please suggest me with Some co-op games like the Condition zero(Counter Strike)... but with missions, to be played with my friends on LAN(Local Area Network).My pc config is:
1 GB DDR2 ram
Core 2 Duo Processor. without any Additional Graphics......
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  1. splinter cell coop missions, that's the only thing that comes to mind...
  2. very limited choice. get a decent gfx card your missing out on so much...
    i would have recommended games like call of duty mw 2 and so on but its likely you wont meet minum spec because of your gfx.
  3. Combat arms.. it has co-op and not high at all requirements. ( onboard intel will play it) only downside is its on the internet :( not that fast of a connection required though.
  4. your gfx is holding you back right now, I would have suggested the left for dead series, Rainbox 6 Vegas as good co-ops
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