Black ops low FPS

While playing black ops I can't seem to get an fps of higher than 40, no matter what I do.
I have tried several configs, some config editor tools with several presets, I updated my drivers, closed all background processes, tried on 1, 2, 3 and 4 cores, I manually installed direct X, I have tried almost any combination of screen resolution, AA, texture quality etc.

I get absolutely no difference in frame rate between 800x600 windowed mode, AA off, all config tweaks, low graphics etc. and 1400x1050 fullscreen, AA 8x, graphics on extra, etc.

My processor temperature is mostly 50 degrees celcius while playing

My specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
Video RAM 2.2 GB
Pixel Shader version 4.1
Vertex Shader version 4.1
280gb free disk space

Is there any other way to improve my fps? On call of duty 4 I am used to a constant 250 fps, so it is hard for me to play with 40 fps.
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  1. not surprised your cpu needs to be boosted to 2.6 at least and your gfx card is weak.
    40 is about all you can expec even at modest eye candy. turn it up if your fps doesnt drop it means you need to oc the cpu.

    sorry to say your getting no where near 250 fps on cod 4 either with that setup
    i had a much stronger 88gt amd 6000+x2 @3.0ghz and the most it would give is 125 fps at 1280/1024 minimum settings 4xfsaa depending on the map i could go as high as 190fps but my average was 125...
    i guarantee if you ran it with fraps you would see your probably getting about 100 fps on minimum settingsx2 fsaa. as the 4650/80 were no match for an 88gt. heres a typical screen from my old system... you will see at the top right my fps... 133 which you will agree on a much stronger system sorta rubishes your claims of 250fps. oh! ind in case your wondering that big black triangle is a result of nvidia physx in cod 4... super stretching polygons off dead players... yay physx... this is 1 of the rare times i went over 300 but as you can see nothing is happening on the screen.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I'll try overclocking and see if that helps

    EDIT: I read some articles about my processor, it seems that it can't get higher than 2.5GHz, so I don't think it's worth the risk

    On cod4 I do get 250 fps constant, though I play on 720p and low graphics, I took this screenshot about a minute ago:
  3. looks like you need to set your aspect ratio manualy.
    that could affect your fps... also thats on minimum settings with nothing on screen as i said earlier. you will get better performance if you set your max fps to 125 and set your max packets to 100.

    toms does have some guides on oc'n 775 cpus. but i will look about and see if i can find 1 for your cpu and motherboard combo...
    what make and model motherboard do you have?...
    2.5 is about all you would need. as 2.4 is the sweet spot.
  4. I have an image of my motherboard, CPU and GPU information:
  5. your problem does lie in your grf card. it only has ddr2 memory so you cant really expect gaming performance from it. especially on newer titles that demand more and more from your gpu...
  6. Ok, thank you. Would it be sufficient (for gaming in general, not just BO) If I'd only change my gfx card, or is it best to get a new processor as well?
  7. you really do have the worst core 2 quad. but if you can get it to do 2.4 then you could go another year with it.
    personally i wouldn't recommend any gfx card under the 4850 or a 98gt for todays games.
  8. Ok, thank you very much for your help.
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