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I have a PC copy of FF7 that ran just fine on my old comp, Since getting my new comp that runs windows 7 all I get is the start screen and then a black screen with no picture and no audio any suggestions to make work?
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  1. specs would help...
    also check the event viewer and see if the app has crashed...
    make sure your direct x is up to date as are your drivers. make sure you installed it as administrator and that all redisto's were properly installed. you may need to install these manually.
  2. Have you tried playing around with the Compatibility settings?
  3. compatibility settings could work, otherwise your cpu/gpu is just too fast for that game
  4. Yeah, compatibility and running the game as an administrator, can help you play the game I suppose.
  5. Another thing which has worked for me in Windows 7 is to run the virtual XP machine - which you can download for free:

    -I was able to run a lot of older games like Rampart & Civ 2 once it's set up. Hope this helps.

    -David Z.
  6. Well read the thread and I agree !00% with davidzanemason on this one. you could do compatibility mode but I find that it does not work all that great but If you run the virtual xp you will be able to run your old games just fine....any trouble after that then down clock and set game settings to high
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