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So I have had this constant problem doesnt matter if im using my laptop/ desktop or work PC. When I save a file (ex: downloading a file or picture from the web, doesnt matter which browser) I often (not always) get an error saying I dont have sufficent privelages to do this. I click ok and hit save again, it asks me to overwrite (as it already made the file but it has no contents) and I hit yes and it works. UAC is off using local admin or domain admin account. What could be causing this?
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  1. I assume you performed an upgrade from a previous version of Windows to Win 7. Is that correct?

    Sounds like you need to take ownership of the folder where you are saving files.

    Here is a good step by step to make it so.

    Good luck
  2. No did a fresh install every time (for each computer) I thing is it normally lets me save files on the first try but sometimes it wont
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