Diablo II : Lord of Destruction LAN setting problem

hello all,

I'm having problems regarding LAN settings in diablo 2: LOD, especially for LAN gaming, is there any solution so that I and my friend can connect, because in Windows 7 do not have IPX / SPX / NetBIOS? so far, I tried to turn off the firewall and antivirus ... and it failed ... please help ...

thanks before

-we're not using any router but switch to make a LAN connection and for the LAN setting, is described like this:
my computer:
IP address:
Subnet mask :

and my friend's laptop:
IP address:
Subnet mask : 255.255.255.*

*: I'm sorry, I just forgot the numbers... since we aren't a roommate.. ^^a
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  1. himachi I think the name is, enabled me and a friend to connect via laptops, since all the other options were bogus, its a complicated game to connect thru lan, and i dont understand why, im not even sure if himachi is still working, but give it a shot
  2. humm... Hamachi is always messed up my Garena Network before... so I think I won't use it (unless there is no way to make a 7 become capable of LAN Gaming like on XP before...)
  3. try establishing a lan connection through ur control panel? and give him the password and such to join it, that was another way we did it, but it took a good 20 minutes to figure it all out
  4. hummm... can you explain it in very detail please?
  5. if u have windows 7, its control panel>network and internet>network and sharing center and its "set up a new connection or network, from there you'd have to do everything urself, since like I said, it took us awhile to figure it out since we had never needed to use it, cept for diablo lol
  6. humm... I'll try it... I'll inform you later, since my friend isn't here... lol
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