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I have a question for you all. My computer is at most 5 months old. I have a I7-950 intel (3.86 gigs) Evga X58 FTW3 SLI motherboard, 6 gigs of ram, two GTX-460's running in a SLI configuration, 1250 PSU, plus I'm running two Western Digital 150gigs VelociRaptors in a RAID0 configuration. Now with that you would guess that I would have no issues, but I do. After about two months, I started seeing (In Single Player) a lot of "Stuttering & Hesitation",

and just poor Game play. (Online Gaming seems to be doing just fine) So I thought it might be my two drivers that were slowing down or just bad. But I did some home work and found out that the drivers are fine, it's just the "Software" that's causing the issue. So I ran benchmark tests, monitoring tests, defrag (But that's always done once a month) and everything is in the "Green". So I just can not figure out why slowly but surely my computer started to slow down in every aspect......Any suggestions??
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  1. possible throttling due to heat. so check your temps of the gfx and cpu.
  2. As Hexit said, stuttering maybe caused due to overheating of your GPU. Did you see if there was any sort of performance hit when you try disabling SLI. Also, did you do a clean install of drivers for your GPU ? Do you experience this slowdown only in games ?
  3. RAID setup could be reason.
  4. unlikely unless he hasnt defragged it at all.
  5. Well , he did say that he defraggs once in a month.
  6. i find if you dont have filters on your fans, 2 months is all it takes for temps to start climbing. its even more obvious if the pc is in a bedroom. as they tend to be the dustiest place in the house.
    if you have a stock cooler then get a decent 3rd party 1 the hyper 212 gets a lot of praise for its price to performance...
  7. Run defragmentation and repair registry also.... make sure that your PC is not running background program and services. To disable such services you can use System Utilities program such as Reg In Out or Tune Up....
  8. Could be heat, could be a natural result of uneven SLI scaling [especially with 460's in memory heavy games...]
  9. Ok thank you all for your suggestions. Temp is good with both CPU & GPU, I understand about the SUP and have shut down anything that's running in the back ground, and so on. I pulled down a program from WD to check the C drive, and it was full of Bad Sectors. So I'm in the prosses now of RMA.....
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