What are some good fighting and love single player pc rpgs?

I like single player rpgs with a good story line, fighting, and a little bit of love in it. I have a DS, a gamecube, and a computer. I prefer it to be free, but I'm still willing to pay money if I like it a lot. I played Kingdom Hearts (I borrowed my friend's PS), I know Final Fantasy pretty well, and I've played Summon Knight: Twin Age. I am a girl, so I kind of need a girl playable character as well as a boy. I would love it if it was anime and semi-good graphics. So, that brings me to my question: What are some games that have the components I have above?
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  1. Star wars: KotoR II :)

    Great story, deep script, strong characters, romance options, and different plots, speech, relationships and characters depending on your character gender.
  2. There are so many great RPGs on PC. This gen alone i have played The witcher, The witcher 2, Dragon age origins, Risen.

    All of those are great games.
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