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How do you have a PS3 output sound through a receiver?

I have a Yamaha VX-367 or something with my PS3 and PC plugged into it. It will not output sound. It goes like this;
I get video just fine, but the Receiver does not receive any single apparently. I am plugging my Receiver into my monitor via HDMI-DVI cable. If you need any extra info or something, ask and I will put it here.

***Edit*** If it helps I have an HP S2331 monitor.
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  1. I believe the HDMI-DVI cables can only transmit video and not sounds. You may have to run the sound separately.
  2. Yeah, But, I ran the HDMI to my receiver and I thought it would just splice the sound into my speakers. Its fine now, just ran separate lines.
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    The PS3 has settings for audio. You may have had to switch from PCM to digital.
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