Crysis 2 Dx11 patch Coming Soon?????

So i have doing some looking around about this rumor that crysis 2 will soon be dx11. Is this trur? And if so will this patch cause my Evga Crysis 2 maximum edition card to be false advertising :D . I heard that this is going to really be mind blowing :o . What are your thoughts. I know we were all dissapointed to hear that it was dx9, but it still looked really amazing.
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  1. there is supposed to be a patch coming but when its arrives, who knows.

    Crysis 2 and DX11
    We would like to announce that there will be a DX11 patch released for Crysis 2. We are working to get the best out of DX11, so we’ll wait to announce the features until a little closer to release.

    ^^^ there official line.
  2. DX11 patch is coming out for Crysis 2, it was said back in April. Still, no sign f it though. I even don't know if they are making that patch. They had already made the game and shipped it with DX9. If they had released the DX11 patch right after they released the game, then it could've made a difference. But now, I guess its just too late.
  3. Yeah it was over 2 months ago that they announced it, and only after their forums were lit up with complaints about it. One of the admins on MyCrysis just teased the following though......."for now you'll have to take my word for it that the DX11 update is going to blow your mind :)."
  4. it will probably not make much of a difference, see shogun 2 dx11 patch. to really take full advantage of dx11 you have to build the game ground up from dx11, not tack on a few dx11 features a the end mostly for marketing purposes.
  5. as far as i know crysis 2 multiplayer is a ghost town right now, so no reason to invest any efforts in it.

    On the other hand, i agree with the toaster here, it wont make much diffrence, the game already has really shity graphics, no matter if dx2 comes out, will still look really bad.

    I checked some reviews where they say crysis 1 was actually better than crysis 2, and thats a 5 year diffrence...
  6. Crytek released a 64bit version for Crysis many months after the original game was sold. It strikes me they do that as a way to testt he game and their programming without delaying the game. I dont think we should have a set time when the release DX11 - if ever...

    I have to say, that while the it was reasonably fun to play thru in SP, Im disappointed in Cryteks step backwards in game development. Invisible walls are everywhere, cannot climb the buildings, cannot jump over small obstacles - the lack of wide open spaces we have enjoyed in previous versions has been traded for corridors that fit into the memory of a console....
  7. I bet the DX11 for Crysis 2 will be the new DNF. "I will be out next week...oh we meant the other next week....we are still working on will be done when its done......blah blah.

    LIke has been said, I doubt the DX11 will make any real difference in the visuals since it was build around DX9 console goodness.

    "But wait it will have tessellation, now your nanosuit has a few more bumps!"

    "And Advanced Depth of Field, so now the area around the center of your view is alittle blurry!"
  8. Won't make much of a difference to me I already played it twice. Maybe in I'll play it again before Crysis 3 comes out since the game was meant to be a trilogy. Will it come out? That remains to be seen....
  9. Crysis is a trilogy. So Crysis 3... when would it be released ?
  10. Jinkys... So much negativity towards crysis 2. I think its a great game. I play it all the time. Graphics arent as good as the first, but i thoughtthe first crysis was boring. There i said it. Every level was basically the same, and couldn't wait to get out of the alien ship, & multiplayer sucked. Nothing was really destructible except for vehicles, shacks, and palm trees. All felt the same to me. Crysis warhead was basically the same except you could dual wield. Yaay (sarcasm).
    Crysis 2....huge improvement.. Yeah graphics arent perfect and there Are invisible walls.. Boo hoo.. The game Has much bettter art work, and gameplay is 10 times better. Multiplayer is awsome. 3d vision is best 3d i've seen imo. And yes there Are people playing multiplayer online, i play every night.
    So whats the problem? When gtx 480s came out everyone said they didnt care about tesselation or directx 11. Go read the old threads. Now same people all over the internet are pissed...
    Want to blame someone? Dont blame crytek or ea, blame all the people who said they didnt care about those features, cuz crytek listened. Ur damned if ya do and ur damned if ya dont. Next blame all the people who illegally downloaded the original crysis illegal. One of the only pc developers that was pc exclusive and we pc gamers basically $h!t on them. So in the end, it is what it is. Love it or hate it, its our own faults what happened. At least crytek is working on a patch to try and make everyone happy. (yes its real). I wish everyone would stop complaining and stop comparing it. If it wasnt named crysis 2, if it was named something else like future soldier, or made by a different company, i garantee everyone would love it. I know because i play games that people rate 5 stars and i wonder why everyone likes it. Like battlefield bad company 2. Wth?? Hopefully bf3 isnt over hyped.
    Anyways, sorry for the rant. Think that was second one since i became a member. Noticed a lot off people rant about the game on other forums who havent even played it. Its a great game especially multiplayer.
  11. I am sure everyone is Referring to how let down they were about crysis 2 being in DX9 and a step back technically from the predecessor primarily due to them wanting to make some bux bringing it to consoles. Crytek didnt reach the bar they set themselves graphically and PC owners always like to see their systems being utilized for the technology they pay for from a developer that they all thought was keeping the dream alive. I liked the first game better than the second, but that doesnt mean for DX9 crysis 2 doesnt look good, but that isnt what PC gamers want. The fact is - it IS called Crysis 2, and they missed the mark they set for themselves and let alot of PC gamers down. developing for PC first then dumbing it down for consoles is what should have happened.
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