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My game The Sims Medieval game isn't starting. So far everything has been working completely fine, it installed correctly, the prologue played, and the loading menu finished loading. But then,
things started popping up saying that something was wrong with my disk..please help :(
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  1. This could be all sorts of things.

    Firstly, is it just happening with that specific game, or all your games?

    Edit: sorry, I misread. From the way you write this I'll assume it is just this game. I suggest re-installing, checking the disc for scratches and making sure your drivers are up to date. Also, if you're using a more modern OS than the game is designed for (I don't know off hand what OS this game is specified for) you may have issues playing it.
  2. What is your pc spec?
  3. PC specs are needed.
    CPU model no.
  4. I got sim medieval limited edition I lost registration code how do I get new one
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