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Okay well, today I was playing faalout 3 just fine, Now when I want to play it again THe main menu works fine, When I go to load a saved game I load it then when the gameplay comes up it gets a not responding? Do I need to reinstal the DLC (I have GOTF edition) I was in OPERATION:Anchorage. It keeps happening please help.
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  1. make sure you have the dlc selected in the loader.
    uncheck the loose files or what ever its called in the bottom left of the loader.
  2. Try loading a previous saved game. I've had similar issues when playing FO3. I assume in rare occassions the game is saved as a corrupt file. It's always a good idea to save often.
  3. I fixed it. I had to reinstall DLC and do something in the game thing. It works perfectly
  4. I used to have a similar problem. Also, I didn't have the DLC installed. All I had to do was just launch the game from the executable file, and not from the launcher executable.
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