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Ok so i downloaded a map with Physprops and there are purple checkers and error signs everywhere, do i need to download something for it to work or do i need a different source game?


Gmod 11
Team Fortress 2
Zombie Panic Source
Age of Chivarly
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  1. What map would you be referring to? Most likely you are right in that the purple checkers and error signs show up as substitutes to missing textures and models.

    Most like you need them from a game you don't own, so you'd have to either buy the game or obtain the models/materials by downloading all of the server related files free of charge and copying them over.
  2. Its a map called Island War v2 or something like that. But the problem is that i dont know what game it belongs to. I play it on singleplayer. Multiplayer laggs too much most of the time.
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