Can't Run 'msconfig'

Hi all,
This puzzles me :
On my PC with Win2K, when I do a 'Start', 'Run', then type 'msconfig' into the box, then hit 'OK'. The PC displays a message saying that (something like) 'The file(s) are not found'
On the other PC, which has WinXP, it works fine with this command.
Could you help me to understand why and how to make it works on my PC with Win2K ?
Thanks for helping me in advance.
Have a good one.
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  1. Win 2000 does not have this utility (only WinME and XP). You can copy it from WinXP (WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries) and put it in Winnt directory.
  2. Hi KHHa,
    Thanks for your note. I did not know that. Will try out your trick. Have a good one.
  3. If you do a quick google search, you can find lots of places to download msconfig from too.

    Systems Running F@H:
    AMD: [A64 3200+] [XP2800+ x2] [XP2400+]
    Intel: [P4 2.8 x4] [P4 2.0] [P4 1.8] [P4 1.7] [P4 1.6 x2] [P4 1.4M] [Xeon 1.0] [Cel 1.0] [P3 ??]
  4. Hi Sparky and Khha,
    Yeah, there are plenty out there.
    I have tryed to do the way Khha tells me. And it's kind of working. Technically, it works as we insert the new msconfig.exe file at the right location. But the system needs to have the right HW. In my case, my LCD monitor (an old one) just displays in a very funny way (ie. not clear characters, flickering ....). So it went back to my original state (PC) as a result. But thanks for all the tricks. You are all good help.
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