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i have windows 7 intel cor tou dou and when i start gta 4 the game doesnot start but the graphics get messed up so plese help .my os is windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.
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  1. Quote:
    when i start gta 4 the game doesnot start but the graphics get messed up

    If the game doesn't start, how do the graphics get messed up? A better description (as well as better spelling) would help a lot.
  2. Hi can I get full specs of your computer because you need a good one to play GTA4
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  4. PC specs are to listed.
    Its Core 2 Duo, not Core tou dou.
    Model no. for your CPU.
    Your GPU ( Graphics card )
    Your RAM

    GTA 4 is poorly coded and requires a good GPU and a decent quad core to run nicely.
  5. the game does not start the screen get black i cant start the social club it says application crash
  6. you need to provide us with system specs first.
  7. Overcoat your cor tou dou to 3 googahartzz!
  8. go buy GTA4 for your xbox
  9. iam2thecrowe said:
    Overcoat your cor tou dou to 3 googahartzz!

    And also chonge that grupics card... :lol:
  10. ^ Ahem, I do in fact.
  11. Couldn't get a 64 bit. Besides I don't have 4 GB RAM installed.
  12. buy the game instead of torrenting it.
  13. What are you talking about ?
  14. the pirated versions have all kinds of problems with gta 4. on top of that if he didnt install it right then it will act funny when trying to start.
  15. Its just that the game itself is too glitchy. Not just the pirated one. The patches however, does fix the problems to some extent.
  16. Quote:
    My copy that I bought from best buy has all kinds of problems to. Like I said in another thread this game played better and brought me more entertainment in my microwave.

    thats the best post i have seen in a while.

    haha maybe i should have said that the pirated version added more problems like the famous "gta 4 lags when i press a button" problem. but ive have never had any problems with the gae but maybe im lucky.
  17. GTA4 isnt that great of a game anyhow.......
  18. The story in GTA IV is great however. I quite liked the game. The main disadvantage was its poor optimization.
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