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i have a problem with my gta iv after i patched to
actually it was taking a lot of time to load before & my shadows were also very much flickery. so i decided to patch it. it is the very first time i ve patched it.
the problem is that as soon i start the game, it only loads till i see the gta iv icon in the screen. after that when it is the time to come the menu, it just freezes black screen.... i have seen somewhere that i can change the command line parameter and make it windowed. as i did it game runs very fine, loads very fast, shadows are good. But i dont want to play it in windowed mode..... what can i do now plz help... n sorry for my english... :)

core 2 quad q9550 @ 2.83
MSI R5770 Hawk
4 gb DDR2
19' screen
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  1. please help!!!!
  2. Tried uninstalling and re-installing the game ?
    Also, first patch the game to or something. See if the problem occurs.
  3. well.. i ve found out that if i am online it does open in full screen as well!! ...but what can i do to play it when i am offline..... please help.......
  4. is the game pirated? also i thought i read you have to install the patches after 1.05 in order. so you would have to install 1.05 then 1.06 then 1.07
  5. Go straight install the Also try updating your gpu driver.
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