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Hi all, i'm having trouble with my usb ports. I plug a device in (like an optical mouse) and the system doesn't react at all. No power flows through the mouse what so ever. There are no conflicts according to windows, and i have never used my USB ports before so i couldn't have broken them. The settings in my BIOS are fine and i have installed the 4in1drivers for my mother board. Someone told me i should reallocate irq's but i'm not so sure i should fiddle with them. If someone could give me some advice i'd greatly appreciate it.
ps. my motherboard is an ePox mvp3....(something like that)

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  1. What OS?

    At first glance, it sounds like you've got a bad MB.
  2. If you're using Windows NT you will probably have problems, my pc at work has NT with SP6 and USB doesn't work.

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  3. I don't think NT ever had USB support, no matter what level of service pack.
  4. Win98 is my OS. In devices, the usb ports are recognised and the system states the usual "this device is working properly" message.

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  5. Have you tried deleting your USB ports from device manager, and then rebooting to see if the machine re-discovers them?

    Just something I'd do.
  6. I haven't tried that. But i now remember that i disabled them about a year ago for about 6months to free up an irq. All i did to activate them was to reenable them. I'll definitely try removing them and see if it works.
  7. I have it working now, i removed them and let win98 redetect them and everything is fine. Thanks for all your help.
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