Low FPS in CS:S?

Well, in the past few days I've been getting low FPS in cs:S to the point of 30-40 where it seems laggy and slow. I think my CPU may be the culprit but I'm not 100% sure. Also, if it is I'd like to find a replacement CPU. This was originally a E-machines computer, thus why such slow ram. I'm not sure what kind of motherboard it is however, cpu-z gave me this as the model, MCP61PM-GM.

My current specs:
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
RAM: 6GB DDR2 400Mhz
Graphics card: XFX GT 240 1GB GDDR5
Power Supply: 650w Corsair
CPU: AMD Athlon II x2 235e 2.7 ghz
750GB 7200 RPM Western Digital Hardrive
500GB 7200 RPM Western Digital Hardrive
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  1. Seems like it could be the GPU, even with that processor.
  2. Well, the thing is I just started getting this problem. I'm not sure if your familiar with Counter strike source but, take the map de_train, I spawn as terrorist and there's a small outside hallway before a few trains, I drop down to 30 fps then then 60 around the trains, no matter what setting. However, next round I do the same thing and my FPS doesn't suffer as much. I'm getting a 5770 tomorrow in the mail so, I'll be able to check this a bit more. As other games are fine, I can run crysis 2 1280x1024 on high with this card no problem,, so you'd think I wouldn't drop down to even 60 fps in cs:s when Crysis 2 I stay between 38-60.
  3. Do you experience any sort of high PINGS ?
    And the high settings in Crysis 2 is the lowest available, so yeah when you get the HD 5770, you would get better FPS.
    Do note that the GT 240 only comes close to a 9600 GT.
  4. if you haven't changed any settings in CSS, you might be getting fps drops because other people on the server are lagging, so your fps is actually dropping due to network issues. Alternatively, server or your client rates might be set to something that causes occasional spikes.
  5. I have just been playing against like 6 bots and not online. I installed my 5770 and I'm 100+ all time maxed 1080p except for de_nuke which I drop down to 40. Anyhow, I remember something weird happening, few months ago. I woke to play Gmod, and once loaded up i was getting my usual 150+ fps than all of a sudden dropped to 50-70. Ever since that TF2 and CS:S have lowered FPS. Even with my radeon 5770 installed I go as low as 28 fps in TF2. Even when I change screen resolution the FPS stays the same. :/
  6. have you checked the temperatures? maybe you are cooking the processor so it's cutting back on power to save itself.

    otherwise you could have a background process that is sapping resources.
  7. Well, I don't see how when my max temp under a full load was 32c (5 fans + kept room ice cold). Also, I always close out of all processes leaving around 6 up.
  8. run ccleaner and purge your old prefecth files, temp files etc. Its likely a pointer has gone awry.
  9. DId all that numerous times. :/
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