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I have two WD 150gigs VR running RAID0 and after checking it after New five months ago, it seems to be filled with "Bad Sectors". Yes I'm going to RMA them, but I wanted to ask one question. I play "Black-Ops" Multiplayer most of the time on my computer (Five months old) plus other intense graphic games. I have the the correct Video cards, memory, power, and the rest that chimes. But after playing some or most of these games, after I click on Quit to exit the game I get laged for a while before it places me on my Desktop. But once there, it still takes up to three mins to properly execute or start another Program. This is because the two drives that I have are filled with Bad Sectors, correct??
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  1. Probably, but I'd need your specs to know more.
  2. No, it might not be because of bad sectors, I'm sure of it. I had this similar problem. Each and every time I alt-tabbed out of the game, and went back in, the game runs at 5 FPS or so, and stutters for about 30 seconds. Then everything goes back to normal.

    And after quitting the game, the stutter that you still experience, is most likely the problem with your CPU. As it may be getting a bit too worked up.
    But PC specs are to listed anyways.
  3. Well to tell you the truth, that's something I had never thought of. Is there a way to Check my CPU?? I have a intel I7-950 clocked at 3.8
  4. i had similar problems with aid0 it wasn't the drives, i've heard it could be discrepancy between the firmware revision and the software version if you are using intel raid. I'm not sure i believe that but those drives are fine out of raid, would fail to store things and frequently stall in raid.
  5. Its an i7 ? Well, maybe its because of the program itslef, taking a bit too much of the memory available. Also RAM ?
  6. Nope, its the two drives...Thank you...
  7. What two drives ?
  8. All is well now...I recieved my replacement and my computer is running at top speed now. Thank you all for your input
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